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Single Cell RNA Sequencing Platform Scientist

Vevo Therapeutics

Vevo Therapeutics

South San Francisco, CA, USA
Posted on Friday, June 28, 2024
About Us
We are a biotechnology company based in San Francisco. We are using our in vivo drug discovery platform and AI models trained on its data to uncover better drugs for more patients. Our Mosaic platform is the first to make in vivo data generation scalable, with single-cell precision, to capture in vivo context of disease at the first step of drug discovery and to better represent patient diversity in drug response over current in vitro assays. We are using Mosaic to build the world’s largest in vivo atlas of how drugs interact with patient cells and how they alter gene function in diverse biological contexts. We are using the unprecedented scale and sophistication of the data in this atlas to train single-cell foundation models that learn context dependency of gene function and help us find novel targets and drugs that are more likely to work in patients.
Your Role
At Vevo, we generate a huge amount of data on how drugs interact with cells from many different patients, at a single-cell resolution and in an in-vivo context. All of this data originates in house using our Mosaic platform that allows us to test hundreds of drugs on tens to hundreds of patients in a single mouse or organoid. We are seeking a scientist with deep expertise in single-cell RNA sequencing and spatial methods, scaling complex biological assays, and oncology research background. You will be part of our experimental team, with the responsibility to lead Mosaic experiments, develop the next generation of the platform using novel readout modalities and input types, and generate the multi-million cell atlases that discover our novel therapeutic programs. You will also work closely with the bioinformatics team.

Qualifications - Required

  • In-depth and hands–on experience in single-cell RNA sequencing methods and method development in this space
  • In-depth and hands–on experience in scaling compound or bioassay screening operations and training others
  • Deep oncology research background
  • In-depth and hands–on experience in NGS method development for platform improvements and new readouts and experience in bioinformatics analysis
  • Experience and familiarity in building out oncology stories by interpreting single-cell atlas data, generating knockdown/out lines, and assessing efficacy using dose-response, in-vivo xenograft, and biochemical assays in an oncology setting
  • Experience in a fast paced environment and ability to work quickly to achieve company goals
  • Ph.D in relevant discipline required

Qualifications - Desirable

  • Experience in transitioning single-cell assays to spatial methods
  • Experience in taking drug candidates to IND
  • Postdoc and industry experience are strongly desired

Key Responsibilities

  • Leading and executing single-cell RNA data generation efforts at Vevo
  • NGS method development for platform improvements and new readouts
  • Generation of insights for new oncology programs using Vevo’s Mosaic platform
  • Scaling the Mosaic bioassay for generation of large scale Mosaic Atlases


  • Unlimited Paid Time Off (PTO).
  • Monthly Lunch budget
  • One-time Office set up budget
  • US Employees: HMO Kaiser Platinum and PPO Anthem Gold medical as well as vision and dental plans for both the employee and dependents.