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Legal Counsel



London, UK
Posted on Wednesday, June 5, 2024

About Us

We're TravelPerk, a hyper-growth SaaS platform offering companies a one-stop-shop for booking, managing and reporting business travel.

Our aim is to revolutionise the $1.3 trillion business travel market by combining an unrivalled choice of travel options with a powerful booking and management platform and access to 24/7 customer support we’ve become the leading all-in-one travel management solution.

Founded in 2015 and headquartered in Barcelona, we’ve grown to over 1200 people in 9 offices across Europe and North America. In 2022 we became a ‘unicorn’ and in 2024 we raised $104 million in additional investment, with a total valuation of $1.4 billion.

We’ve been winning awards too. Since 2023, we’ve been voted one of the best places to work, one of the fastest-growing apps and tech companies, and a leading pioneer of business travel.

These are just some of the reasons why global brands like Wise, Red Bull, GetYourGuide, and Aesop trust us to supercharge their corporate travel.

As a Legal Counsel working within our award-winning legal and privacy team, you’ll provide commercial, customer-centric outcomes to TravelPerkers across a full range of revenue generating deals (including partnerships) and advise with respect to the set up and implementation of our more complex technology focussed supply arrangements. You will be a territory lead for UK Corporate Governance matters, key stakeholder relations and there will be opportunities for you to broaden the remit of your work over time. In doing all of this:

  • You will help us build trust-based relationships with colleagues and end users of the TravelPerk platform, and help shape and build the leading in-house legal team in tech.
  • You will be provided the technical means to scale your contribution and impact, and will land in a team disengaged by convention and dispirited by any practice of overt bureaucracy.
  • We’ll provide you with the resources you need to grow your own profile as a leading legal professional, and with the technical and knowledge development opportunities to help you shape your career and skills in whatever way interests you the most.

This role sits within TravelPerk’s legal team, and reports to TravelPerk’s Senior Director, Legal.

What you will do:

  • Drive standards in commercial contracting across our global team
  • Be responsible and accountable for UK Corporate Governance and territory specific commercial matters - TravelPerk is a ‘start up for grown ups’ and, so long as you adhere to our corporate values, you will be given very, very wide latitude to run things as you see fit
  • Proactively and holistically identify areas of risk, and take appropriate action to proactively mitigate risk in collaboration with accountable team members
  • Investigate, implement and tune policy, and to support global business governance and compliance (including, where applicable, using a process-minded approach to work, and the latest technology, to improve efficiency and speed-to-market)
  • Interact with external lawyers and advisors within the framework of TravelPerk’s legal panel
  • Develop an extremely close relationship with key business stakeholders, including across our UK offices (in London, Birmingham and Edinburgh), acting as a business partner to understand needs and objectives, and build legal outcomes accordingly
  • Coach and mentor interns, trainees and junior counsel

Where will the role take you?

We believe passionately in the importance of growth and development for lawyers; and that every lawyer is entitled to a job from which they derive high levels of personal satisfaction. Talented and driven people are entitled to expect employers to offer an employee value proposition which offers continual levelling up.

A successful occupant of this role will, after a suitable period of time, have exceptional experience of working in a fast scaling, global tech (and specifically SaaS) business. They will develop the tools and techniques to deliver legal capability at scale which challenges the expectations of stakeholders and drives tangible business outcomes.

In terms of promotions, the next layer up from Counsel is Senior Counsel. We have a firm policy (and track record) of promoting lawyers internally, based on impact. In this regard, we expect all Counsel to grow and scale capability in their areas of expertise (and among global legal subject matter experts who interact with their territories), and to be assertive about how their careers develop. TravelPerk will offer you as much latitude as you want in order to deliver the best possible outcomes for your customers; and micromanagement/ layers of bureaucracy are not part of that process.


Our hiring decision will be led by our assessment of your competencies, as described above. If you do not have specific technical expertise, that is teachable. Your attitude and approach is what we are looking to acquire.
That said: this position requires demonstrable commercial expertise. If you’ve worked in a high throughput commercial department of a law firm, or an in-house team, you’ll probably be in the right place to succeed with your application.

Candidates with between 2-5 PQE are likely to have the relevant skills, knowledge and self-confidence for this position, but we will consider any applicants with relevant experience.
The winning candidate will benefit from a competitive salary, stock options and a positive, “high impact not long hours” culture.

  • During our interview process, we’ll look for your ability to demonstrate specific competencies which derive from TravelPerk’s values. These are shown in the list below. The winning candidate will have particularly brilliant responses ready in relation to the Seven Star Service attributes.
    • Seven Star Service:
      • Proactivity: You anticipate customer needs, and you come up with ways to accelerate business growth. You always, always, always move at speed, and with the needs of our client and our customers as your first priority. You can sustain delivery in a hyper-speed working environment while maintaining your own satisfaction and wellbeing.
      • Accountability: You act as an owner. You take an active role in project reviews. You propose ways in which TK as a whole can be more effective in the future without apportioning blame.
      • Innovation: You do things differently. You love innovation in problem-solving and process delivery. You think in the future.
    • We are a team:
      • Collaboration: You encourage innovation within team work, and you like to challenge the status quo amongst your working group. You work to understand the needs and expectations of progressive in-house teams’ customers.
      • Honesty: You share your failures with your team. You do this to humanise failure, and to coach and increase awareness. You communicate transparently - up, down and across - and form relationships that emphasise being direct with people in your workplace.
      • Communication: You enter conversations with a flexible and open mind. You're open to listening to and understanding other people's point of view, rather than simply getting your message across.
    • Impact over Effort:
      • Prioritisation: You regularly review your workload/ manage up in order to concentrate your efforts on the most impactful matters for TravelPerk and TravelPerk mission and vision; you're realistic and don't over promise.
      • Organisation: You focus on the big wins. You own your workflow.
      • Creativity: You don’t stop communicating great ideas - you prize ambition over ease of implementation. In seemingly intractable situations, you are able to find resolution pathways.
    • Don't be an asshole:
      • Continual Growth: You are ambitious to level up yourself, and to hold the people around you accountable. You're constantly seeking new opportunities - you don't just wait for things to happen.
      • Curiosity: Your curiosity drives you to unpeel the layers of certain processes/products etc and work to improve them - you recognise that sometimes this may mean removing or cancelling a process. You share your influences and inspirations amongst your peers. You nurture a sense of collaboration and cooperation amongst a team.
      • Integrity: You build relationships with all TravelPerk stakeholders which are trust based. You give credit where it's due.

Our Benefits

  • 💰 A competitive compensation package, including equity in TravelPerk;
  • 🌴 Generous vacation days so you can rest and recharge;
  • 💊 Health perks such as private healthcare or gym allowance, depending on your location;
  • 🧩 "Flexible compensation plan;"
  • 🥳 Unforgettable TravelPerk events;
  • 💙 A mental health support tool for your well-being;
  • 📒 Exponential growth & personal development opportunities.

English is the official language at the office. Please submit your resume in English if you choose to apply.

How we work

Our Vision is for a world where TravelPerk serves as the platform for human connection in-real-life (IRL). We take an IRL - first approach to work, where our team works together in person 3 days a week. As such, this role requires you to be within commuting distance of our London hub. We fundamentally believe in the value of meeting in-real-life to improve connectivity, productivity, and creativity and ultimately make us a great place to work.

At TravelPerk, we prioritise experience and potential over academic qualifications for this role. We believe that talent and ability aren't always reflected in formal credentials.

For certain roles, we provide relocation assistance. Please specify your need for this in your application, and we will evaluate the possibility on a case-by-case basis. English is our official office language, so we request that resumes be submitted in English for effective communication.

TravelPerk is a global company with a diverse customer base—and we want to ensure the people behind our product reflect that. We’re an equal opportunity employer, meaning you’re welcome at TravelPerk regardless of your appearance, where you’re from, or anything else that makes you.