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Technical Artist



Bucharest, Romania
Posted on Tuesday, June 25, 2024


Come and join a rapidly expanding mobile games company!

SuperPlay is committed to developing the finest mobile games in the world while having an enjoyable time doing so. In 2019, experienced professionals founded the company to produce casual games that are delightful and unforgettable, and that players can enjoy for years.

Our flagship game, Dice Dreams, is a global sensation and a top-100-grossing hit, while our second game, Domino Dreams, is on track to follow in its footsteps.

Headquarters are in Tel Aviv, and our staff has expanded to include numerous skilled, devoted, and ambitious individuals.

Our plans for the future are even more fascinating. If you'd like to be a part of our journey, please take a look at the job description below.

What will you do in SuperPlay?

Your role as a Technical Artist is to bridge the gap between the issues of the creative, programming, and engineering teams in game development, liaising between heads of programming and design teams and researching and developing technical tools for a project by:

  • Supporting artists and developers in the 3D art pipeline;
  • Assisting in assets performance and validation;
  • Deciding and developing the tools which are required for game production;
  • Porting finished art to the game engine and ensuring final art runs to full visual resolution;
  • Working within the limits of the game engine, curating file sizes, polygon counts and loading speeds;
  • Writing custom software specific to the needs of the game which will work with industry-standard scripting languages;
  • Researching and overseeing the implementation of rendering techniques;
  • Resolving material errors and collision issues.


  • 1+ years of experience with Unity;
  • Basic knowledge in C#;
  • High attention to details;
  • A strong portfolio or demo reel;
  • Familiarity with game systems and the game development process;
  • Scripting skills;
  • Rendering and post-effects experience and understanding of rigging and animation;
  • High-level artistic skills - proportion, color, composition;
  • Experience in digital art content creation;
  • Software: Unity3D, Photoshop;
  • Advantage: Shader development experience including scripting, Maya.