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Staff Software Engineer or Tech Lead, Blockchain/Web3


Stealth HealthTech x Blockchain/Web3 Start-up

Software Engineering, Other Engineering · Full-time
San Francisco, CA, USA · Remote
Posted on Wednesday, November 30, 2022

Who we are:

Our co-founders are a physician with deep clinical, academic, and biotech/pharma experience who most recently led Digital Health @ Myokardia & then as part of the Bristol Myers Cardiovascular TA, and a product+engineering leader with enterprise digital health and zero->public company experience most recently as part of the founding team and VP of Engineering at BlueJeans by Verizon (formerly at Microsoft). We’re building the data, protocol and governance layers of HealthEx, the next generation health data collaboration ecosystem that's ethical, transparent, and thoughtfully curated in ways that best serve health systems and patients and enable the next wave of precision medicine. To do this, we are thinking deeply about problems across a range of domains: big data pipelines, healthcare ontologies, patient/provider/data user experience as well as blockchain and DAOs for trust, incentive coordination and governance. We believe that fractional ownership and decentralized governance can mitigate coordination and data provenance challenges in the healthcare data space, while blockchain-based applications can support greater transparency around data collaboration - we are excited to be thoughtfully applying web3 semantics to the health data space.

We have the backing of top-tier investors in Healthcare (General Catalyst) and Web3 (Electric Capital) and are looking to build a team that has the ambition, depth of knowledge and drive to learn to take on this unique, cutting-edge idea and leave a lasting impact on the global healthcare system. Our team is based out of San Francisco, and while we’re looking to stay as PST-timezone aligned as possible early on, we’ll consider your application no matter where you call home.

Who we are looking for:

As a seed stage company, we have a combination of short and long term goals to meet. Short-term we are looking for a hands-on application-layer Blockchain/web3-native developer to build out the first iteration of our ecosystem’s access ledger and governance model. We expect the right candidate to be very knowledgeable about various L1s and help us navigate the pros/cons of implementing our solution on a shortlist we have identified through a combination of prior experience and prototyping. We will have the benefit of input from 2-3 major health data originators and 1 data user who will serve as founding design partners, as well as top-tier investors and their ecosystems in healthcare (General Catalyst) and web3 (Electric Capital).

Long term, we are looking for a thought partner who is both motivated by the current challenges in our siloed healthcare system and believes in the power of DAOs and Blockchain as elegant coordination, incentive and transparency mechanisms for multi-party system collaboration towards greater shared goals. In addition to writing high-quality, modular, testable production-ready code, the candidate should be able to critically evaluate and shape product requirements from a design and implementation point of view, based on prior experience and interest in the domain area..


· Develop an Authentication feature and workflow to allow ecosystem members to self-identify via Digital Wallets (need to go beyond the standard wallet experiences to something 10x better for non technical users)

· Develop version 1 of an on-chain voting platform and DAO public interface (proposal submission workflow, supporting forum)

· Build Token flow mechanisms - On-chain smart contract which controls our governance token, with respect to issuance, lockup periods, airdrops, rewards etc.

· Build Access Control features - Track and enforce the approved granularity of data access for ecosystem participants based on a combination of validated identity and Governance decisions

· Apply a combination of proactive Code coverage and functional automation for more proactive functional and performance testing

· Contribute towards the scripting and integration needed to spin up and maintain an efficient CI/CD pipeline

Skillsets/Experience Required:

• Genuine interest in the problem space and alignment with the mission

• 5+ years of professional software development experience

• 3+ years of hands-on experience in Blockchain, specifically: designing, implementing, testing and shipping complete DApps (Blockchain + Backend + Frontend Interfaces).

• Ethereum-native dev, working daily with frameworks such as: Solidity, Ethers/Web3JS, Truffle/Hardhat, IPFS, OpenZeppelin or equivalent stack on another blockchain

• 3+ years of programming experience in Javascript/Typescript

• Familiarity with common L2s - at least one of: Polygon, Arbitrum, Optimism. Being familiar with other chains (i.e.: Polkadot, NEAR, Cosmos, …) is preferred, but not necessary.

• You are very knowledgeable (both theoretical & practical) when it comes to: server-side programming, data structures, CI/CD, databases, and end to end communication.

• Understanding of crypto industry, Web3 communities, and internal dynamics, matured in other real-world blockchain projects (NFTs, DAOs, DeFi Protocols, etc.)

• Proficiency in using Observability/Monitoring tools such as DataDog to diagnose and troubleshoot observed behaviors on Production systems

• Prior experience with writing clear and concise Technical Specs and Documents, as well as a track record as a good verbal and written communicator

• Experience working in and collaborating with remote teams

Strongly Preferred:

• Past experience with building cross-platform user experiences based on React or equivalent UI frameworks

• Past experience or working understanding of any of AWS EC2, MSK, Spark on EMR, RDS, S3, CloudWatch is a plus

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