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Software Engineering
Santiago, Santiago Metropolitan Region, Chile
Posted on Tuesday, November 21, 2023
Hello! This is NotCo. We are a group of people united by a very strong purpose.

We want you to get to know us, and Giuseppe, our very own artificial intelligence. We are food enthusiasts, but above all, we love the planet.So, to protect it, we reinvented the food industry one delicious mouthful at a time, elevating what we eat through our plant-based technology.

Our recipe? It includes three major components: science, technology, and of course, disruptive talents. We work daily to create a better future.

At NotCo, we're not aiming to be the perfect company, but the right one. We're here to bring change, which is why we take risks, we fail, and at times, achieve incredible success.

TheNotCompany (“NotCo”) is a seven-year oldfood/biotech company that uses AI technology to help create sustainable & plant-based products in a mission to reduce global greenhouse emissions. Since forming in 2015, we have launched several different plant-based products through our technology platform, Giuseppe, including NotMilk, NotMayo, and NotBurger. NotCo is a global company with offices & product sales in Chile, Brazil,Mexico, Colombia and Argentina; our latest $85m funding round has fueled our growth in the United States, starting with the launch of NotMilk at Whole Foods Market in late 2020. We are currently looking for a Senior Machine Learning Engineer. This position is located in Santiago, Chile.

As a Machine Learning Engineer in the NotCo AI group, you will work with a multifaceted team of ML and software Engineers, UI/UX Designers, Experimental Chefs, and Food Scientists to revolutionize the way plant-based and sustainable foods are created. Our tech platform utilizes predictive & generative models, optimization algorithms, as well as in-house data warehousing infrastructure that allows us to relate nutritional, physicochemical, and molecular data to find new discoveries for novel plant-based products.


  • Research, develop, and deploy machine learning systems onto the Giuseppe platform for food science & technology applications
  • Brainstorm with Experimental Chefs & Food Scientists to find data and ML-driven solutions for problems arising with new product development. We develop products ranging from plant-based milks to plant-based meats, so there are always engaging challenges to solve
  • Lead new machine learning initiatives end-to-end, from proposal to deployment. This requires having strong research, project management & communications skills and the potential to lead a small team
  • Analyze and debug issues with currently deployed models & suggest improvements to data, algorithms, or workflows
  • Identify new datasets that could help improve performance of current algorithms
  • Read & implement recent ML papers that are relevant to our scope of work (e.g. implement a self-supervised algorithm proposed in an 2020 ICML paper).
  • Dive into the domain of food science: be interested in learning about proteins, volatile molecules & the food industry in general
  • Contribute in general to department and organization projects


  • BS/MS in Computer Science or a related field with a focus on Machine Learning
  • 2-5 years of working experience in an Machine Learning group (either in academia or industry)
  • Strong data science analytical skills with a traditional data science stack (Python, pandas, numpy, scipy, sklearn, jupyter, matplotlib)
  • Strong experience working with optimizers (blackbox optimizer, gradient-based/gradient descent, Bayesian Optimization) packages
  • Strong background in software engineering, unit & functional testing (Python, unittest, nose)
  • Prior experience with implementing & training Deep Learning models (Pytorch, TensorFlow); prior experience with training models on cloud infrastructure on GPU/TPU
  • Familiarity with model packaging & deployment (Docker, Kubernetes, Google Cloud Platform)
  • In-depth knowledge in one or several of the following areas preferred: Representational Learning, Generative Models, Transformers, bandit algorithms & convex optimizers
  • Advanced and fluid English. (If you have your CV in English, we appreciate it :) )

The million-dollar question is: Are you hungry to change the world? Because there are plenty of reasons to make the decision and say: WHY NOT.

Today, you can start making a change for the planet without changing anything of what you love.