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Senior Business Operations Manager



Limassol, Cyprus
Posted on Monday, May 27, 2024

Senior Business Operations Manager

Cyprus, Limassol

  • Hybrid
  • Full-time
  • Senior

Revenue&Marketplace Efficiency Department is looking for a Senior Business Operations Manager.


  • Strategic Market Entry and Growth:

    • Spearhead strategic planning and execution for new international market launches, ensuring seamless entry and sustainable growth
    • Coordinate with regional teams to align initiatives with global business objectives and ensure compliance with local regulations

  • Growth Metrics and Investment Analysis:

    • Develop and refine growth metrics, analyzing investment volumes to optimize market expansion and maximize returns
    • Collaborate with finance teams to create investment reports and present findings to senior leadership
  • Market Research and Consumer Insights:

    • Conduct thorough analyses of supply and demand dynamics using advanced market research methodologies
    • Synthesize research findings into actionable insights to drive market positioning and competitive advantage

  • Pricing Strategy Formulation:

    • Formulate and implement pricing strategies tailored to diverse international markets to drive revenue growth
    • Monitor and adjust pricing strategies based on market feedback and competitor actions
  • Incentive and Bonus Scheme Design:

    • Design and implement optimal bonus schemes to incentivize and reward desired behaviors among marketplace participants
    • Use data analytics to measure the impact of incentive programs and refine them as needed
  • Innovative Incentive Systems:

    • Design cutting-edge incentive systems leveraging emerging technologies and behavioral economics principles
    • Collaborate with technology teams to integrate incentive systems into the digital platform
  • Market Efficiency Tools:

    • Test and refine new marketplace efficiency tools, ensuring seamless integration and effectiveness
    • Develop training and support materials for new tools
  • Project Management and Lifecycle Oversight:

    • Manage projects through all development stages, delivering impactful outcomes that drive marketplace success
    • Employ project management best practices to ensure timely, within-scope, and budget-friendly delivery
  • Cross-Functional Collaboration and Leadership:

    • Collaborate with marketing, sales, product development, finance, and legal teams to drive cohesive strategies
    • Provide leadership and mentorship to junior team members, fostering a collaborative work environment


  • A higher education degree in natural sciences with a focus on finance, economics, or business management
  • Proven experience in finance or business analytics
  • Proficiency in English
  • Solid understanding of mathematics and basic statistics
  • Knowledge of SQL for database management and queries
  • Strong analytical skills to interpret data and draw actionable insights
  • Excellent communication skills for presenting findings and collaborating with cross-functional teams
  • Ability to make decisions with incomplete data
  • Understanding of business problems and the ability to independently propose effective solutions

Conditions & Benefits

  • Health insurance with oncology coverage and life insurance included
  • Hybrid work mode and flexile schedule
  • Relocation package offered for candidates from other regions
  • Access to professional counseling services including psychological, financial, and legal support
  • Diverse internal training programs
  • Partially or fully payed additional training courses
  • All necessary work equipment
  • Fitness club membership discount