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Senior Product Manager, Mobility Cluster



Limassol, Cyprus
Posted on Monday, April 22, 2024

Senior Product Manager, Mobility Cluster

Cyprus, Limassol

  • Hybrid
  • Full-time
  • Senior

We are looking for Product Managers in the Mobility Cluster at inDrive.

What is Mobility Cluster? We are a startup within a large company, and our goal is to obtain the second unicorn in our company's portfolio, based on one of our business units: Freight, Courier Delivery, and City-to-City Trips. We have the flexibility of a small company, with the resources of a Data-Driven corporation with a very strong team. This makes our work even more interesting.

We are looking for product managers who will strengthen one of our product teams and help us reach new heights in our truly global business.


Responsibility areas are:

  • Defining long-term product goals and decomposing them into detailed metrics for use in OKRs.
  • Defining the target state of the product, also known as the product vision, and incorporating this information into the goal-setting process.
  • Conducting high-level discovery processes, including customer interviews, research, A/B tests, and crystallization of MVP features.
  • Improving metrics within your area of responsibility.


  • Professional working proficiency in Russian and English.
  • Experience in a Data-Driven culture:

    • You can break down goals into metrics, and metrics into hypotheses.
    • You are skilled at formulating hypotheses and selecting metrics for them.
    • You can ask questions of the data without falling into analytical paralysis.
  • High standards for quality and design:

    • You have a high level of responsibility and moderate perfectionism; it's important to you how your product looks and works in production.
  • Structural thinking and business sense:

    • You can create structures and cohesive storytelling to explain why you chose certain focuses for your product.
    • You can think from the perspective of business goals and determine how your focuses contribute to its growth.
  • Communication skills:

    • You easily find common ground with people and can negotiate in your favor with anyone.
    • You have English language proficiency at the B2 or C1+ level.
    • You know how to inspire and motivate everyone around you; you can be an evangelist for your product.
  • Ability to work in uncertainty:

    • You can create a system out of chaos, and in the absence of processes, you can see opportunities to build everything according to your own vision.

Conditions & Benefits

  • Stable salary, official employment, health insurance.
  • Relocation package offered to candidates from different regions.
  • Full coverage of business trip expenses, including daily allowances for employees engaged in travel-related tasks.
  • Hybrid work mode and flexile schedule.
  • All the necessary work equipment.
  • A diverse array of internal training programs.
  • Partially or fully funded additional training courses.
  • Monthly corporate 'Fun Days' in various engaging formats.
  • Meaningful gestures on special occasions - company gifts to celebrate weddings, new arrivals, and birthdays.