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Software Engineer - Frontend



Software Engineering
Munich, Germany · Berlin, Germany
Posted on Thursday, February 1, 2024

Who we are

Helsing is a defence AI company. Our mission is to protect our democracies. We aim to achieve technological leadership, so that open societies can continue to make sovereign decisions and control their ethical standards.

As democracies, we believe we have a special responsibility to be thoughtful about the development and deployment of powerful technologies like AI. We take this responsibility seriously.

We are an ambitious and committed team of engineers, AI specialists and customer-facing programme managers. We are looking for mission-driven people to join our European teams – and apply their skills to solve the most complex and impactful problems. We embrace an open and transparent culture that welcomes healthy debates on the use of technology in defence, its benefits, and its ethical implications.

The role

Together with our product designers and engineers, you will be responsible for creating the user-friendly UI for our spatiotemporal data in a 3D environment (browser & desktop). We need your creative vision and UX/UI sensibility to combine our user interface design seamlessly with the 3D real-time rendered world. You will be working closely with our other research and development teams to thoroughly understand the information you will be presenting.

The day-to-day

  • Own the user interface end-to-end (from scribble to production-ready code)

  • Create and manage our visual design together with our product management team

  • Take care of our component library and ensure its compliance with our needs (visual design, reusability, etc)

  • Design and implement our user experience frontend tech-stack

  • Create and maintain build and deployment pipelines

  • Manage data handling with sizing, bandwidth and latency requirements in mind

  • Design and implement new product features

  • Continually optimise our user experience for performance

You should apply if you

  • Have very strong Frontend design and coding experience with JavaScript/TypeScript, HTML and CSS

  • Are experienced with APIs and other server-client communication like REST and GraphQL

  • Have solid front-end architecture and software design ability

  • Have state of the art experience with frameworks/SDKs in frontend like React

  • Are experienced with Component Libraries like Material UI

  • Build, deployment and dependency management systems like NPM and Yarn

  • Have experience with running a live production software

  • Are passionate about development and staying on top of current techniques

  • Are able to write clear, maintainable, portable code that adheres to a well-documented coding standard

Note: The above bullet points describe the ideal candidate. None of us matched all of these at once when we first joined Helsing. We encourage you to apply even if you believe you meet only part of our wish list.

Join Helsing and work with world-leading experts in their fields

  • Helsing’s work is important. You’ll be directly contributing to the protection of democratic countries while balancing both ethical and geopolitical concerns

  • The work is unique. We operate in a domain that has highly unusual technical requirements and constraints, and where robustness, safety, and ethical considerations are vital. You will face unique Engineering and AI challenges that make a meaningful impact in the world

  • Our work frequently takes us right up to the state of the art in technical innovation, be it reinforcement learning, distributed systems, generative AI, or deployment infrastructure. The defence industry is entering the most exciting phase of the technological development curve. Advances in our field of world are not incremental: Helsing is part of, and often leading, historic leaps forward

  • In our domain, success is a matter of order-of-magnitude improvements and novel capabilities. This means we take bets, aim high, and focus on big opportunities. Despite being a relatively young company, Helsing has already been selected for multiple significant government contracts

  • We actively encourage healthy, proactive, and diverse debate internally about what we do and how we choose to do it. Teams and individual engineers are trusted (and encouraged) to practise responsible autonomy and critical thinking, and to focus on outcomes, not conformity. At Helsing you will have a say in how we (and you!) work, the opportunity to engage on what does and doesn’t work, and to take ownership of aspects of our culture that you care deeply about

What we offer

  • A focus on outcomes, not time-tracking

  • Competitive compensation and stock options

  • Relocation support

  • Social and education allowances

  • Regular company events and all-hands to bring together employees as one team across Europe

  • A hands-on onboarding program (affectionately labelled “Infraduction”), in which you will be building tooling and applications to be used across the company. This is your opportunity to learn our tech stack, explore the company, and learn how we get things done - all whilst working with other engineering teams from day one

Helsing is an equal opportunities employer. We are committed to equal employment opportunity regardless of race, religion, sexual orientation, age, marital status, disability or gender identity. Please do not submit personal data revealing racial or ethnic origin, political opinions, religious or philosophical beliefs, trade union membership, data concerning your health, or data concerning your sexual orientation.

Helsing's Candidate Privacy and Confidentiality Regime can be found here.