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Head of Machine Learning and Data Science



Software Engineering, Data Science
Normandy, France
Posted on Thursday, June 20, 2024
We seek a visionary and charismatic leader to join our innovative fintech company as the Head of Machine Learning and Data Science. In this role, you will be able to transform our Data Warehouse, optimize ETL processes, and implement cutting-edge machine learning models to combat fraud and personalize customer experiences. If you have a passion for big data, cloud platforms, and leading a talented team, we want you!


1. Strategic Management of Data and Modeling:

  • Develop and implement data management and machine learning strategies to enhance business performance.
  • Introduce advanced data analysis and machine learning methods to solve business challenges.

2. Proactive Development of Data and Modeling:

  • Identify opportunities for leveraging data and modelling to improve the efficiency of various company functions.
  • Develop and implement initiatives aimed at increasing revenue through data analysis and processing.

3. Integrating Data into Business Processes:

  • Ensure that data and analytical models are actively used in business decision-making.
  • Collaborate with leaders of various departments to integrate data into their operational processes.

4. Enhancing Operational Efficiency:

  • Optimize existing processes based on data analysis.
  • Implement new technologies and approaches to improve company operations.

5. Driving Revenue Growth:

  • Develop and execute projects aimed at increasing revenue through the use of data and machine learning.
  • Analyze data to identify opportunities for revenue growth and cost optimization.

Required Experience and Skills

1. Experience and Knowledge:

  • Deep understanding of data and modelling and their impact on business performance.
  • Experience in developing and implementing data and machine learning strategies in a company.
  • Experience with Python and libraries (TensorFlow, PyTorch)
  • Experience in creating and managing CI/CD infrastructure
  • Knowledge and experience with Databricks and Spark.

2. Skills:

  • Ability to analyze large volumes of data and build predictive models.
  • Expertise in integrating data into business processes and making data-driven decisions.
  • Proficiency with big data and database management systems (SQL, NoSQL)
  • Skills in working with cloud platforms (AWS, Google Cloud)

3. Leadership Qualities:

  • A proactive approach to developing data and modelling direction.
  • Ability to lead a team of analysts and machine learning specialists.
  • Ability to work effectively in a multitasking environment and make quick decisions.
  • Strong communication and presentation skills.

4. Education:

  • Higher education in computer science, mathematics, statistics, or related fields.

Join us to be at the forefront of fintech innovation, where you will play a crucial role in crafting a groundbreaking product that redefines industry standards and excites the European market. If you are ready to shape the future of fintech, apply now and become part of a team that is making a difference!