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Bengaluru, Karnataka, India
Posted on Thursday, October 26, 2023
what is CRED?
CRED is an exclusive community for India’s most trustworthy and creditworthy individuals, where the members are rewarded for good financial behaviour.
CRED was born out of a need to bring back the focus on a long-lost virtue, one of trust, the idea being to create a community centered around this virtue. a community that constantly strives to become more virtuous in this regard till they finally scale their behaviour to create a utopia where being trustworthy is the norm and not the exception. to build a community like this requires a community of its own; a community special in its own way, working towards making this vision come true.
here’s a thought experiment: what do you get when you put a group of incredibly passionate and driven people and entrust them with the complete freedom to chase down their goals in a completely uninhibited manner?
answer: you get something close to what we have at CRED; CRED just has it better.
here’s what will be in store for you at CRED once you join us.

what will you do?

  • create & execute a content strategy with no jargons, just robust ideas that gets us all excited
  • make branded content that is earnest & engaging with the vision of manifesting CRED’s persona across the internet
  • work with the in house brand & design teams along with artists and studios that align with our vision to produce the best work of your lives
  • launch content, marketing and brand campaigns in style on the internet; good style is only subjective if you don’t have one
  • curate a content calendar and manage the content production pipeline, ensuring a timely and impactful release
  • leverage the right brain to create and left brain to iterate on what you’re creating
  • care only about a unique voice, obsession for craft, and taste; but have an informed opinion on trends and best practices

you should apply if you:

  • possess 6+ years of proven experience of creating and distributing high quality content
  • have strong intuition of what works on the internet
  • have an understanding of core motivation, human psychology and behaviour
  • hold strong opinions on art & content with enough substance to back them
  • have an ability to get many people rally behind an idea and execute it to their best capability; aka leadership & collaboration
how is life at CRED?
working at CRED would instantly make you realize one thing: you are working with the best talent around you. not just in the role, you occupy, but everywhere you go. talk to someone around you; most likely you will be talking to a singer, standup comic, artist, writer, athlete, maybe a magician. at CRED people always have talent up their sleeves. with the right company, even conversations can be rejuvenating. at CRED, we guarantee good company.
hard truths: pushing oneself comes with the role. and we realize pushing oneself is hard work. this is why CRED is in the continuous process of building an environment that helps the team rejuvenate itself: included but not limited to a stacked, in-house pantry, with lunch and dinner provided for all the team members, paid sick leaves and comprehensive health insurance.
to make things smoother and to make sure you spend time and energy only on the most important things, CRED strives to make every process transparent: there are no work timings because we do not believe in archaic methods of calculating productivity, your work should speak for you. there are no job designations because you will be expected to hold down roles that cannot be described in one word.
there are many more such eccentricities that make CRED what it is but that’s for one to discover. if you feel at home reading this, get in touch.